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Interior plant care

Your vision + our expertise = plantscapes that suit the needs and style of your workspace.  

Biophilic design is a keyword that is inspired from various elements of nature. Innovative design generates various health advantages. Plants improve air quality, lower background noise, reduce stress, creates a sense of motivation, improves ones focus and productivity.


Plants are specifically selected and acclimated for the indoor environment they will thrive in.  Our wide variety of interior plants is the result of long-term partnerships with the best growers in the country. 

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True Vines maintenance guarantee

Trained horticulture technicians visit our client’s facilities on a regular schedule to service each plant. Weekly visits by True Vines experts ensure every plant is healthy and attractive. Our service include a moisture assessment, taking care of water requirements, fertilizing regiment, turning, cleaning, trimming, and grooming of the foliage. 

Our maintenance and guaranteed replacement program includes a full guarantee on all interior plants under True Vines care. Any plant that begins to lose its vitality and healthy appearance will be promptly replaced.

Green wall systems 

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"As urbanites get more isolated from the natural world, the desire to maintain a connection to NATURE has inspired innovative design ideas."

Visually inspiring green living walls are an emerging architectural design feature in the urban environment. A living wall provides considerable benefits on the environment and humans. This is a great design solution for the workspace.

Moss Walls are an effective approach to incorporating biophilic natural design elements into your workspace. The design idea is to use moss wall frames, or even consider a custom logo. Installations can be placed just about anywhere in your interior space.


Custom | Handcrafted 

True Vines designers create amazing visual effects that energize interior spaces using bold colors and textures. Handcrafted designs tailored to enhance any space or style from sleek and modern, classy and elegant, to warm and traditional. 

Our combined live and faux succulents, exotic orchids, colorful bromeliads, and unique foliage plants make a powerful statement. 

With the combination of live plants, True Vines offers weekly maintenance. Our Horticultural specialist are the experts at handling and taking care of our customized arrangements. 

Our artistic designs are created to compliment any space from a small reception, to large public spaces, no space is too large or small! Examples include large atrium Palms or beautiful large Birch trees to faux' moss walls. 

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Design Consulations 

Our interior designers meet with you at your property to discuss space, options & budget. Upon agreement on a design concept & budget, our team prepares a visual presentation prior to installation.

Delivery & Installations

Your plants, containers and accessories arrive to our staging facility where we transplant into sub-irrigation pots, marry your plants with their decorative containers and confirm your order for installation.

Professional Maintenance 

Once your plant displays have been installed we will schedule your weekly service with one of our professional horticulturists.

Replacement Guaranteed

Replacement Guarantee

Rest easy knowing your investment is covered! Any plant under our care will be replaced if it deteriorates or outgrows its space at no additional charge.


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