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A well-designed landscape invites everyone! 

True Vines is dedicated to providing outstanding exterior plant postscaping designs. We hold the highest standard, to be the best in our area and industry, which is a process – part artistry, part horticultural knowledge, and a whole lot of hands on plant care! Beautiful design concepts attract employees, customers and vendors to your commercial space. 


Our installation crew transforms your space quickly, and seamlessly with absolute professionalism and care. The use of postscaping can lower noise levels, increase curb appeal, disguise unpleasant views, and increase sales and profits.

Horticultural knowledge combined with a designers eye transforms any space into a stunning environment.  Plants not only increase occupancy rates, but can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent while creating a healthier environment. 

True Vines is committed to providing the highest quality customer service and sustained quality through standards of excellence in product, service, and customer relations. Our expert horticultural technicians and accomplished team bring dedication toward consistent service and customer satisfaction. We have a strong history of uplifting commercial properties, and sustaining the landscape for the long term.

Patios, terraces, entryways, shopping centers, car dealerships, and hotel pool decks, all come alive with unique plants and decorative containers. We bring our creativity combined with a focus on water conservation and sustainability.

Our technicians and design crew excel in exterior improvements. True Vines' experts will meet with you to target area needs and will generate an impressive design.  

Let the plant EXPERTS plan your spectacular exterior environment today!


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