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Horticultural Services

At True Vines, we feel that our horticultural service program is perhaps one of the most comprehensive offered. With our experience in this field, we also realize that the more our clients understand about our services, the easier our tasks become. Therefore we are committed to open communication between the client and the staff, and a free exchange of information.

When moved from the ideal conditions of the greenhouse to an indoor environment, most plants will protest by shedding some of their foliage. You should not, however, be alarmed by this as it is merely the plant's way of adapting itself to the lower lighting and humidity levels. Within a few weeks, the plant will start to recover from this initial 'shock,' and begin to regenerate itself by putting on new growth. Our horticultural technicians will service your plants on a weekly basis, carefully monitoring the plants' health and well-being, providing the ingredients necessary to insure that they can remain healthy and attractive.

Horticultural Services


Different plants require different amounts of water. We physically check the moisture level of the soil and then add enough water to keep the plant nourished until the next visit.

Horticultural Services


Like other things, plants acquire dust and dirt from the air. Our technicians will, on a weekly basis, dust the foliage. This process serves a two-fold purpose in that it not only keeps the plant attractive but it insures that the delicate pores of the leaves remain dust-free and unclogged.

Horticultural Services


Due to the soluable salt content in the water supply, most plants will suffer from 'tipping', the browning of the very end of the leaf. Most plants will also shed a lower leaf as they put on new growth. Our technicians will insure that any such yellow leaves or unsightly foliage is trimmed and removed on a weekly basis.

Horticultural Services


On occasion, a plant will not respond to any treatment or care and start to deteriorate. Depending on which program you have selected, our staff will help you with your replacement and have the work done immediately and effectively.

Horticultural Services


Like humans, plants require food in order to live and grow. We feed our plants on a regular basis, insuring that they have the necessary sustenance to keep them healthy while making sure that they are not overfed to the point that they outgrow their space.

Horticultural Services

Quality Control

Our policy is to visit with the designated contact on a regular basis. This will ensure that the plants are being maintained accourding to the standards we have set for ourselves. Also to ensure that, as a client, all your needs are attended to on a regular and timely basis.

Horticultural Services

Insect Control

Tropical plants seem to hold special delights to a variety of insects and pests. Our technicians are thoroughly versed in the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of any plants that do get afflicted by any insects or disease. All chemicals used are EPA approved and certified safe for indoor usage.

Horticultural Services


We realize that our plants can only be as good as the service we provide. It is our commitment to nurture long-term relationships with our clients and to respond to their needs promptly and courteously. We want your service to be everything you expected it to be.