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A well-acclimatized plant is one that will survive in an interior environment. The quality foliage plants should be conditioned and shade-grown in nurseries prior to their shipment to the installation site. Each plant will then receive individual attention by a trained horticultural technician who will help the plants to continue to acclimatize to their new environment.

Plant Selection

True Vines, Inc. works with the architect, interior designer or landscape architect and the client. We are specialists in assisting you with streamlining the design process. The plants’ required light levels and interior environmental conditions are an integral factor for the interior plantscaper. The environment in which the plants will be placed will narrow the proper variety of plant choices. True Vines, Inc. recommends an array of decorative container selections to compliment the décor of the space. Careful plant selection is necessary to assure the long-term life of the plant and avoid unnecessary plant material changes at the time of installation and thereafter.

Light Levels

Light level is a very important factor in the plants' continued health and vitality.

Light levels are based on minimum foot candle requirements for a well-acclimatized plant's growth performance.

We have listed below the most popular interior foliage plants in use in plantscapes today. The plant pictures are arranged by plant height from shortest to tallest and the light levels are color coded as follows:

high light - yellow medium light - pink low light - blue
high light medium light low light

Natural light has more usable footcandle that helps promote a stable interior plant. Light levels will be based on artificial and natural light. Natural light is better for foliage plants, however, full sunlight will damage a well-acclimatized plant.

Many plant varieties are suitable for design application based on texture variation and shape. Some will work well from 6"-10'. Some others will have height limitations. Many of the varieties are available with or without variation. There are many foliage plants in reds, burgundy, rust and all types of different lush-green colors. There is always something new our growers can offer. True Vines, Inc. keeps up with what's new and exciting in foliage decorative containers.

Artifical light is able to sustain foliage plants. Since there are so many variables to artificial light, True Vines' expertise is invaluable to proper plant placement. A light meter is used to get an accurate light reading.

Pothos Ivy, Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy Heartleaf Philodendron English Ivy
Pothos Ivy, Golden Pothos, Devil's Ivy
Epipremnum aureum
6" low light
Heartleaf Philodendron
Philodendron oxycardium (Cordatum)
6" low light
English Ivy
Hedera helix

6" medium-low light

"While there are scores of varieties, these are the most popular interior foliage chosen for their durability."

Arrowhead Plant, Nephthytis Grape Ivy, Oak Leaf Ivy Croton
Arrowhead Plant, Nephthytis
Syngonium podophyllum 'White Butterfly'

6" medium-low light
Grape Ivy, Oak Leaf Ivy
Cissus rhombifolia 'Mandaiana'

6" low light
Codiaeum variegatum 'Norma'

6" - 4' medium light

"Choose color for extra richness and pizzazz."

Kalanchoe Chrysanthemum Chinese Evergreen, Silver Queen

6" low light
Chrysanthemum (Cushion)

6" low light
Chinese Evergreen, Silver Queen
Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'
6" - 3 1/2' medium-low light
Chinese Evergreen Chinese Evergreen, Emerald Beauty Variegated Snake Plant, Mother-in-Laws Tongue
Chinese Evergreen
Aglaonema romana

6" - 3 1/2' medium-low light
Chinese Evergreen, Emerald Beauty
Aglaonema 'Emerald Beauty'
6" - 3' medium-low light
Variegated Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law's Tongue
Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii
4' medium-low light

"Hybrid test tube babies--there are more and more new varieties of foliage plants. The aglaonemas come in many colors, leaf shapes and fullness. There were twenty new ones last count."

Peace Lily Peace Lily Janet Craig
Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum 'Mauna Loa Supreme'
6" - 4' low light
Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum wallisii

6" - 4' low light
Janet Craig
Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig'

6" - 12' low light

"Some spathiphyllum are giant, ranging from 5' plus."

Warneckei Tropic Snow, Dumbcane Reflexa
Dracaena deremensis 'Warneckei'
6" - 12' low light
Tropic Snow, Dumbcane
Dieffenbachia amoena 'Tropic Snow'
6" - 4' medium light
Pleomele reflexa

6" - 12' medium-low light
Neanthe Bella Palm, Table Palm, Parlor Palm Dwarf Date Palm, Pigmy Date Palm Lady Palm
Neanthe Bella Palm, Table Palm, Parlor Palm
Chamaedorea elegans
6" - 3' - 4' medium-low light
Dwarf Date Palm, Pigmy Date Palm
Phoenix roebelenii
12" - 15' medium light
Lady Palm
Rhapis excelsa

6" - 12' high-medium-low light
Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm Bamboo Palm, Reed Palm Ponytail Palm
Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm
Howeia forsteriana
6" - 12' high-medium-low light
Bamboo Palm, Reed Palm
Chamaedorea seifrizii
6" - 8' medium-low light
Ponytail Palm
Beaucarnea recurvata
6" - 10' medium light
Adonidia Palm White Bird of Paradise Dwarf Schefflera
Adonidia Palm
Veitchia merrillii
5' - 20' medium light
White Bird of Paradise
Strelitzia nicolai
4' - 15' medium-low light
Dwarf Schefflera
Schefflera arboricola
6" - 8' high-medium light
Umbrella Tree Madagascar Dragon Tree, Dragon Tree, Red-band Dracaena Corn Plant, Fragrans
Umbrella Tree
Schefflera actinophylla 'Amate'™

6" - 15' medium-low light
Madagascar Dragon Tree, Dragon Tree, Red-band Dracaena
Dracaena marginata
6" - 15' medium-low light
Corn Plant, Fragrans
Dracaena fragrans

12" - 15' medium-low light
Weeping Fig Fiddle Leaf Fig Spineless Yucca
Weeping Fig
Ficus benjamina
6" - 30' high-medium light
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ficus lyrata
12" - 20' medium-low light
Spineless Yucca
Yucca elephantipes
12" - 10' medium-low light
Dinnerplate Aralia, Chicken Gizzard, Balfour Aralia, Variegated Balfour False Aralia, Spider Aralia Ming Aralia, Chinese Aralia
Dinnerplate Aralia, Chicken Gizzard, Balfour Aralia, Variegated Balfour
Polyscias balfouriana
6" - 10' medium light
False Aralia, Spider Aralia
Dizygotheca elegantissima

6" - 8' medium light
Ming Aralia, Chinese Aralia
Polyscias fruticosa

6" - 12' medium light