April 2013

Clutter Control by Our Feature Writer Denise Hughes-Professional Organizer

A. Here are some ideas to help get your household clutter under control. The best way to control clutter is to prevent clutter

B. Sort your mail over your garbage can or recycle bin. This way junk mail will never make it into your home or on your desk or computer top.

C. Avoid impulse purchases. Keep a wish list in your purse or wallet. When you see something you want (but do not really need) add it to the list. After a week or so, look over your list. Decide if you truly need, love, or have-to-have anything on your list. If so, go get it and enjoy! If not, throw out your list and pat yourself on the back! You just prevented clutter and saved some of your hard earned cash.

D. When shopping, do you ever say “I can always return it”? Clutter alert. How often do you actually end up returning these items? Instead, do these things ultimately become clutter in your closet? If you don’t love it in the store, there’s something wrong with it. Either it isn’t exactly what you are looking for or you don't’ need it. Let it go and find something better

E. Create homes for your belongings. Clutter often results when things don’t have a home or the home is inconvenient. Look around your house. What things are causing clutter? Do the items have a home? Is the home clutter convenient?

F. Store items where you use them. Keeping items where you use them will help you conquer clutter in your home. Here is why. When you store things where you use them, it is easier to use the item and put it away when you are finished. This last step, is critical in controlling clutter. When you see clutter in your home, that is a result of items that have not been put away. Double check it item’s home. If not, look for ways to carve out space for your items closer to where they are used. When you do, you will be taking one more step in the direction of a clutter free home!

G. I can always use another! One of the toughest things for people to let go of when they are organizing are the inherently useful items. It’s the pencils, pens, cleaning rags, plastic drinking cups, Tupperware ®, craft supplies, office supplies, and sticky notes that cause us to say “I can always use another one of those.” Sound familiar? Remember, no matter how useful something is, you only need so many of them! All of this extra stuff leads to clutter!

H. Decide to decide. How much of the clutter in your home is the result of indecision? One example: A flyer comes in the mail announcing an upcoming event. You hold onto it because you may want to go...but you don’t really decide if you will go or not. So the indecision known as the flyer sits on your computer for a few days until it is buried by the next few round of indecision. Should I go on this field trip? Should I use this coupon? Should I donate to this cause? It’s a good organization….I probably should...but I don’t know. I will decide later. And on and on it goes.

I. Not sure where to start? Clutter and the stress that accompanies it, can be extremely over-whelming. Sometimes it feels next to impossible to dig out. I suggest starting with the area that’s causing you the greatest stress. Focus solely on this area, working on it slowly and methodically. If your clutter hot spot is a single room in your home, start with the one corner of the room and move clockwise around the room, sorting and purging as you go.

Containers For Clutter Control

There are containers for just about every imaginable use to handle your clutter con-trol. Check your local discount stores, the dollar stores and the Container Store @ www.containerstore.com. Good Luck!

Make Up Container

A neat idea to organize makeup or other small items that are cluttering your space. A metal backing covered with pretty fabric and inserted into an old picture frame. Using a hot glue gun attach small magnets to the items, in this case the make-up containers and then place them on the board

Purchase an inexpensive shelving unit from a Target or Walmart etc. Use the bottom shelf as a place to keep the pet dishes out of the way. Trace the bottom of the bowl size onto the bottom shelf, then use a jigsaw to cut it out. Insert the pet dish. Use the first shelf for other storage as well as the top of the shelving unit.

Mosquito Repelling Plants

Cascading Geranium

Cascading Geranium, another bug repelling plant, will cascades over its pot and adds a delicate floral scent to your potagerie.

Be sure and call us for all your plant needs...Big or small
Fax: 281-933-5898

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